Saturday, August 20, 2016

Moxie Nixx Finds the Friction Zone

I'm just not a Friction Zone kind of guy. I like things simple and the FZ is not simple--it's tricky and, at least for me, elusive. Also, my hands don't work right and tire quickly (darned muscle problems), but, with some encouragement from Donna Palladino over at Ride Like a Pro, and some hints from Top Gun competitor Doug Roberts, I finally found it!

Before shooting this video, I played with the adjustments on my clutch lever and with my hand position. I have the lever set at five, and my hand is as far OUT away from the pivot as possible. I'm in second gear with the engine at idle. When you see brake lights, it is the rear brakes only. The circle is 24 feet.

When I started to get the hang of it, finally, I now see why this is the better technique for tight quarters. It is the only way to accurately control your speed when you need fine control.