Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Gold Wings are Murder--The Crying Stone" Now on Kindle

Well, it's been a wild ride, and the new mystery novel is now available for Amazon Kindle readers and anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android with the Kinde Reader App.  It comes to 163 "Kindle Pages." That's several hours of spooky reading adventure.

Click here to download the free sample from Amazon.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Slow Race Riding Technique

Watch what he does with his eyes.

Compare how the winner uses his vision versus the loser.

You'll see that the winner is looking down where his eyes can get immediate feedback about where he's at and where he's going to be in the next for seconds. Would you normally look down, that close to the bike? No. But, the slower you go, the closer you need to look for get the information you need. So, in a slow race, when you are going so slow that you are literally below your motorcycle's Stall Speed and into the Friction Zone, then YES you need to look down. Don't believe me? Try it.