Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fearless Riding on the Dragon

I don't know who this guy is, but he looks pretty darned smooth (even fearless) riding Route 129 in North Carolina and Tennessee. Notice the wide disciplined lines, and the mild-but-effective way he "hangs off" his R1200RT Beemer. Watch his head, and you'll see he's looking well into the turns. Nothing surprises him. He's relaxed and able to steer effortlessly. If you turn up your speakers, you'll hear the way he uses the throttle to keep things moving--without risking a low side. Well done.

GWAM Update for 06-25-2014

I'm up to 19,000 words. Yesterday I wrote a very spicy, romantic bedroom scene. I guess all that fresh air from riding around Lake Lure made our heroes horny. Next up, Sorcha sees another ghost, or is she just sleep walking--maybe even sleep MURDERING. (Bwa-ha-ha!) I can't tell you yet.

Dunlop E3 Out Back

My rear tire had a slow leak so I stopped in at my friendly, local Honda dealer so they could check it out. The service writer found a piece of metal in the center of the tread. No problem. They could fix that easily enough, if the darned tire wasn't already down to the wear bars! My first Bridgestone G704 lasted about 8,000 miles. I replaced that one when I upgraded the suspension. The second Bridgestone went about 10,000 miles. Not bad, but I wanted more, and I just wanted to try something different. So, $325.00 later, I'm out the door with a new Dunlop E3 mounted, balanced and installed.

One hundred miles later, I like the E3 dual tread radial a lot. Turn in is quicker. Grip is good in the dry--even when leaned over going around a surprisingly sharp decreasing radius corner on Black Snake Road in Stanley, NC. Ride is fine. While this is a little taller tire, I can still reach the ground fine.

I'll update this post as I put more miles on the E3, and I'm hoping to get around 15,000 miles out of this tire. The E3 radial has a dual tread compound that's harder in the middle and softer on the edges. We'll see.

Welcome to Gold Wings are Murder

Welcome to Gold Wings are Murder. The home for the exciting new mystery series about a successful middle aged couple on a four corners tour of the United States. Every place they stop seems to be haunted. In book one, The Crying Stone, our heroes Sorcha and Django Rhyne barely get started on the journey when a stay at Lake Lure's Blue Stone Inn goes horribly wrong. Sorcha sees the ghost of a beautiful Bride, and the ghost is very angry! It turns out they're staying in the poor girl's old room, and they know, or rather knew, the mysterious Groom. Want to know more? Check back often. I'm working on the story almost every night and it's coming together fairly quickly. Below is a shot of the proposed book cover.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How Many Words?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then I'm about 16 pictures into my new murder mystery novel. Gold Wings are Murder--The Crying Stone, is set at Lake Lure in beautiful North Carolina. Our heroes, Sorcha (pronounced Serka) and Django (silent "D") Rhyne, are on a four corners tour when they check into the haunted Blue Stone Inn. Soon, they are caught up in a murder mystery involving a suicidal Bride and a missing Groom who just happens to be a young man they knew from back home in Virginia. But the Bride and Groom won't be the only victims and danger is coming for them. Good spooky fun.

Lake Lure, NC